Race Dates


March 24 - Sleepy Hollow 
April 7 - Tomahawk 
May 5 - Happy Ramblers 

May 19 - Doublin Gap 
June 2 - Pagoda 
June 23 - Pleasure Valley 
June 29-30 - Tomahawk - MDRA/MAMA Shootout 
July 21 - Pleasure Valley 
August 11 - Sleepy Hollow 
September 1 - Miles Mountain 
September 15 - Doublin Gap 
October 20 - Happy Ramblers 
November 9 - Banquet/Ride Day at Doublin Gap
Saturday Practice and Sunday Race at all events 
except the Shootout!!

$10.00 Rocky Mountain Gift Cards at all races
Contingencies coming soon!!



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Winners Free Class/Gas Cards

Winners at Happy Ramblers on April 15, 2018
Free Classes - Brent Allison, Paul Baker, Todd Snyder, Brock Swartz, Evan Wolfe
Gas Cards - Ryan Mitchell and Angel Wheeler
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Parker Cook, Talon Hill, Ethan Nickel

Winners at Tomahawk on April 29, 2018
Free Classes - Brooke Bowlin, Martin Fake, Grant Raum, Brody Shields, Freddie Turjan

Gas Cards - Jason Love, Damien Fine
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Cole Covert, Sam Mackey, Keller Schlemmer

Winners at Doublin Gap on May 6, 2018
Free Classes - Rodney Blake, Mayson Carbaugh, Dalton Weaver, Michael Wetzel, Michael Corcoran
Gas Cards - Brad Bates and Brennen Witter
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Miley Sitle, Chase Staller, Doug Stouffer

Winners at Sleepy Hollow on May 27, 2018
Free Classes - Tanner Cromleigh, Devante Barges, Braxton Keiffer, Robert Mazzei, Michael Jones
Gas Cards - Chad Dzanko and Owen Caldwell
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Parker Noss, Joseph Schaufele, Michael Priace

Winners at Pagoda on June 3, 2018
Free Classes - Cody Schenk, Turner Bates, Tyler Bockman, Timmy Scott, Laarry Fulford
Gas Cards - Steve Bohlen and Addison Kramer

Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Reagan Ryan, John Robison, Jayden Shindel
Winners at Pleasure Valley on June 24, 2018
Free Classes - Gavin Blake, Chris Brackbill, Jeremy Cook, Zach Helmick, Tyler Swiegard
Gas Cards - Keegan Miller and Cole Covert

Winners at Doublin Gap on July 15, 2018
Free Classes - Tom Whitehair, Malachi Kraft, Jason Love, Timmy Conrad, Kearan Lynch
Gas Cards - Merl Heavner and Jake Golden

Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Derek Leatherman, Preston Matlin, Keaton Horne

Winners at Sleepy Hollow on August 12, 2018
Free Classes - Jenna Schulteis, Preston Strickler, Ayrten DeLorenzo, Talin Evans, Cooper Gordon
Gas Cards - Anderson Eby and Wesley Carbaugh
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Merl Heavner, Brian Semder, Nick Krakowski

Winners at Miles Mountain on September 2, 2018
Free Classes - Gavin Esslinger, Martin Fake, Ashton Kaley, Nathan Murphy, Kaleb Scott
Gas Cards - Nate Smith and Jake Golden
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Tommy Ferrarracci, Cody Weaver, Kyle Schlemmer
Winners at Doublin Gap on September 16, 2018
Free Classes - Timmy Conrad, Logan Gipe, Trenton Eichelberger, Jared Klinedinst, Shane Krabal
Gas Cards - Brock Swartz and Sam Cuomo
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Logan Fisher, Kaleb Weller, Justin Jacobs

Winners at Happy Ramblers on October 14, 2018
Free Classes - Anthony Cruz, Edward Byrd, Jeremy Cook, Nathan Foster, Hayden Miller
Gas Cards - Jay Covert and Logan Hubbard
Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Keith Naugle, Austin Riley, Miley Sitler