Race Dates

October 14 and 15 - Happy Ramblers
October 21 and 22 - Budds Creek
November 11 - MDRA Fun Day/Banquet

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Winners Free Class/Gas Cards

Winners at Happy Ramblers on April 9, 2017
Free Classes - Brenton Allison, Steven Bohlen, Sam Cuomo, Gavin Esslinger, Shane Ortmyer
$50.00 Gas Cards - Wesley Carbaugh and Jason Love
Winners at Sleepy Hollow on April 23, 2017
Free Classes - Talin Evans, Laina Randolf, Jacob Strickler, Damon Gibson, Issac Jurgens  
$50 Gas Cards - Trevor Hoffeditz, Leigha Rotz  
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Timmy Conrad, Kyle Hardman, Keaton Horne
Winners at Doublin Gap on May 7, 2017
Free Classes - Cole Stocks, Jeenna Schulteis, Dalton Weaver, Kaleb Weller, Parker Noss
$50.00  Gas Cards - Duke Schwartz and Tanner Webb
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Summer Chronister, Adam Felty, Christian Ruff

Winners at Pleasure Valley on May 25, 2017
Free Classes - Brandon Albright, DeVante Barges, Sam Cuomo, Aaron Houser, Sam Mackey
$50.00 Gas Cards - Corey Grim and Owen Caldwell
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Kassidy Lahr, Michael Price, Mike Wetzel

Winners at Doublin Gap on June 25, 2017
Free Classes - Wesley Carbaugh, Zachary Helmick, Logan Hubbard, Ryder Reitz, Hunter Rice
$50.00 Gas Cards - Alfred Turjan and Dalton Weaver
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Talin Hill, Jason Neidigh, Damon McCoy

Winners at Happy Ramblers on July 2, 2017
Free Classes - Orion Gregory, Gianni Lumadue, John Bowlin, Martin Fake, Zak Heavner
$50.00 Gas Cards - Gage Stine and Bert Schulteis
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Cooper Gordon, Rodney Blake, Mason Carbaugh

Winners at Pleasure Valley on July 16, 2017

Free Classes - Ramsey Fake, Matthew Mattlin, Jake Golden, Justin Schmidt, Tom Nagle II
$50.00 Gas Cards - Charles Lanza and Kollin Wheeler
$25.00 Velocy Cycle Gift Cards - Merl Heavner, Chris Bracksill, Gage Stine

Winners at Sleepy Hollow on August 13, 2017
Free Classes - Kris Shumaker, Brock Swartz, Roman Vernon, Cody Weater, Angel Wheeler
$50.00 Gas Cards - Tim Whitehair and Miley Sitler
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Cole Covert, Wesley Carbaugh, Mike Foor

Winners at Miles Mountain on September 3, 0217
Free Classes - Keith Naugle, Wyatt Rotz, Tanner Cromleigh, James Dobbs, Kyle Donmoyer
$50.00 Gas Cards - Ryan Mitchell and Jeremy Shaulis

Winners at Doublin Gap on September 17, 2017

Free Classes -  Patrick Morrissey, Jason Love, Mark Patterson, Justin Jacobs, Merl Heavner II
$50.00 Gas Cards - Larry Fulford and Justin Landis
$25.00 Velocity Cycle Gift Cards - Jay Covert and Zac Coons

Winners at Happy Ramblers on October 15, 2017
Free Classes - Gavin Blake, David Chialastri, Jeff Groff, Stewart Hake, Owen Long
$50.00 Gas Cards - Max Rush and Caleb Scott
$25.00 Velocity Cycles Gift Cards - Alfred Turjan, Chase Staller, Tanner Cromleigh